William was a buff hoody dumbo.

I was told about William by a friend in Ipswich who also rescues. She'd been called about this boy but had no space to take him on, so wondered if I would. I agreed.
William had originally had a cage mate, but he had died some months ago so he'd been alone for that time. As soon as he came here, I mixed him with a group, and he settled right in like he'd always been there. William was very laid back with other rats, and people; he just wanted to cuddle!
William had some respiratory issues from before he arrived, and had been on medication on a couple of occasions, but it remained a lifelong problem, and he passed away as a result. I wish he could have been here for longer.

Why William? It was the first name that came to me when I saw a picture of this boy; he just looked like a William.

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