Warlock was a black dumbo.

Warlock was from Shunamite rats in Newcastle.

Black dumbos are my favourite rat variety, but since the death of Seven I had not owned another smooth coated black dumbo. I knew I wanted kittens from Alison, as I have had several of her rats over the years and they're always a joy to own, so when she offered me a smooth coated black dumbo, I couldn't say no.

Warlock is distantly related to Seven, and was the absolute spitting image of him when he was a kitten.
Some people have a word for that one special rat that you have an intense bond to, and them to you, and call them 'heart rats' or 'soul rats'. Warlock was mine.
Warlock was extremely special to me. He was the only rat that slept on my bed from time to time, as he would simply curl up on my pillow or in his little fleece igloo, and sleep for as long as I did.
Sometimes, I woke up to him draped over my head. Some people consider it dangerous to sleep with a rat, and fear that they can be injured, but this is not something I would do with just any rat.

Warlock was like a child to me, and my life revolved around him. He was the most gentle, loving, affectionate rat.
He lived to 2 years and 4 months of age. He began to slow down in his last weeks, and one night, seemed very tired. I was supposed to be going to london early the next morning but when morning came, I knew I couldn't leave him. He was dying, and I knew he wouldn't be alive when I got back. I decided to stay at home with him, and spent the day cuddling him and keeping him warm. He died early that evening in my arms.

I had a solid silver memorial necklace made for him, which I never take off. He will always be my baby and even now I can't think about him too much without crying. Its sad that so few people understand the impact a rat can have on someone but he was truely special.

Why Warlock? Warlock is the name of a black dumbo rat character I've had for many years now (the character himself was based on Mick from Slipknot who used to play a BC Rich Warlock guitar) and I was originally going to name Seven Warlock. But when Seven became Seven, I told myself my next smooth coated black dumbo would be called Warlock. He was Warlock before I even picked him up.

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