Vinnie was a roan dumbo

Vinnie was Huey's brother.

Huey and his brother Vinnie were dumped at a vet's in Norwich, who then phoned me to take them on. The same person who dumped them also dumped a pregnant cat at the same time, so clearly this was someone who didn't know the first thing about responsibility.

Huey and Vinnie were both only young babies when I got them, making their abandonment even more callous.
Vinnie was a beautiful little rat. At first, he was a little resistant to human handling, but quickly mellowed out and become very affectionate. He always attached himself most firmly to the dominant rats in the group, and liked to investigate any drama with them, from safely behind the bigger boys!

Vinnie lived to a good age, and was healthy throughout his life, never needing to see a vet until the day he died.
One day, in his old age, Vinnie developed a swelling around his eye. It didn't seem painful or look too bad, so I let it be for a day or so, but in only a few hours, it started bulging out of his head.
I took him to the vet that day, and he was diagnosed with some kind of growth behind his eye, either an abscess or an aggressive tumour. As Vinnie was very old, and this issue would not be treatable, we decided to have him put to sleep. There was very little that could be done for him.

Why Vinnie? I wanted a gangster sounding name to go with Huey. He was almost a Vince, but Vinnie won out in the end!

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