Vegas was an agouti self.

Vegas came to me with Mr. Blonde and Latura.
They all belonged to a student who felt she didn't have the time to devote to them and needed to focus on her studies.
However, originally, she only wanted to give me two of the rats, and keep one alone as she felt she couldn't cope with getting rid of them all. I had her persuaded to either give all three, or keep all three, as it would be selfish to have one rat remain alone. I made sure she realised that rats are social, and it would be unfair to have one left alone and split from his life long friends. It is also true that if you can care for one rat, you can care for three.

Vegas was a lovely rat. He was outgoing, curious, extremely friendly and incredibly intelligent. He was the rat who would be out of the cage the second your back was turned, and running about on the shelves and tops of the cages! During clean out day, he was the rat that would escape the play area and try and get involved in what we were doing. He loved people and was very licky. He very much had a mind of his own and once he was detirmined to explore somewhere or something, you couldn't stop him!

Vegas lost an eye later in life due to it becoming infected. He was given drops and antibiotics, but the eye was not salvagable and eventually shrivelled up and almost disappeared. This did not affect Vegas, and he remained the same out-going boy he always was.
Vegas is probably one of the oldest rats we had here. While we don't know his exact age at death, he'd been with us for almost 2 years, and was fully grown when he arrived, which put him around 3. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Why Vegas? Vegas was named after a character Costas Mandylor played in the movie 'Venus Rising'.

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