Vector was a roan dumbo.

Vector is one of three babies my husband adopted from the Pets At Home adoption centre for me. The others were Snape and Deckard. See Deckard's page for their story.

Vector was the cuddly, sweet, mellow one of the three. As you can see from his picture, he took a relaxed approach to life! We did wonder for a while if there was something a bit wrong with him, as he would sleep so deeply, and in such odd positions, but he appeared otherwise well. He also used to have a habit of sucking his paws, or toes, as he slept but he seemed to grow out of it. Vector was a lovely boy, enjoyed playing and was always up for a cuddle. I often used him as my 'stooge' rat for introducing newbies to as he was so welcoming and knew how to put nervous rats at ease.

Unfortunately, Vector died quite young. Two of my rats, in different groups, both came down with a sudden illness, and it took Vector quickly. His brother, Deckard, had died of something very similar a few months earlier. They presented quite suddenly with spiked fur, porphyrin, lack of appetite and, at the end, hard breathing followed by rapid death.
At first I suspected a virus, but out of 40 rats, only Vector and one other were affected, and I had not introduced any new rats for several weeks. So I suppose I'll never know, but it was a great loss as he was such a joyful rat to have around.

Why Vector? Jon named him.

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