Valjean was a roan dumbo.

I adopted Valjean from the Pets at Home adoption centre when I found him there, living alone, looking timid and fed up.
One of my pet hates is to see young rats housed alone, because they desperately need interaction with their own kind at this age. Companionship is important to all rats, but particularly to babies. Without it, they really do suffer, and there is even evidence to suggest that baby rats deprived of interactions with their own species do not develop mentally as they should.

Valjean was always a reserved rat. He just didn't seem to have that 'spark' of life we usually see in youngsters. It was almost like he had resigned himself to his situation.
I intended to put Valjean in with my larger group of youngsters, but when I got him home, I hit on the idea of attempting to mix him with my boy, Javert, who, at the time, was having difficulty tolerating adult rats. I thought this might be a good opportunity to try and get him a friend. Young rats are often tolerated far better than adults, and this did prove to be the case.

Javert accepted Valjean, and shortly after, we added another young rat, Russell, as a same age friend for Valjean.

Valjean always retained his somewhat serious, no-nonsense attitude. He was not a bouncy or mischievous baby, and he was never big on play, unless it was gentle!

He was around a year old when he passed away from what we suspect to be CK.

Why Valjean? Big Les Mis fan, and Javert needed a Valjean!

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