Vader is a black hoodie dumbo.

Vader came to me with his brother/friend Lando. See his page for their story.

Vader is not an overly affectionate or cuddly rat. He never has been, and there is a chance he never will be. He tends to view people more as an annoyance. He will tolerate being held, but he clearly doesn't relish it, and would prefer to be left with his rat friends. He is still young, so may mellow out as he ages, or he might always be a grump! But I do remember the previous owner mentioning that he had always been less social. To be honest, I can't think of a worse rat to be owned by a small child.
Despite his general disinterest in human company, Vader gets on wonderfully with other rats.

Why Vader? Both these boys had Star Wars names because when we were driving back from collecting them, we passed a group of people dressed up as Star Wars characters!

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