Tyrus was a champagne self.

Tyrus came to me with Agent Orange. See his page for their story.

Tyrus was always quite a dominant, pushy rat, though not as much as his brother. He was always iffy with other rats, he never caused any real harm, but he was prone to bullying behaviour.

Tyrus lived to a good age, and did eventually settle down and accept other rats more readily.
Tyrus then developed a lump on his back. This appeared to be a cyst, and the vet confirmed it as such rather than a tumour or abscess. Removal was an option, but we decided to monitor it and see what happened before taking this route, as Tyrus was an old man by this time.
The cyst grew, but never caused Tyrus any problems. He didn't seem to even know it was there. It eventually got to the size of a small walnut, and I was toying with perhaps risking the operation as it had been hanging about for months.
Then, one day, without any obvious reason, it began to shrink. Within a week, it had totally disappeared, leaving him with only a small scar where it had once been. I was quite surprised, as it had been there for so long that I assumed it would never resolve itself.

A few weeks before his death, Tyrus developed hind leg weakness, so common in older rats. He managed well, but then developed a tumour on his knee. This also did not bother him, and he ended up passing away at home in his sleep.

Why Tyrus? Jon named him.

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