Tuppence was a black berkshire dumbo.

Tuppence was one of four does I had surrendered to me when their owner no longer had the time for them. Usually, I do not take rats unless they are in danger or have no where else suitable to go. The owner told me she had tried everyone she knew and every source she could think of and no-one would take them. She was at the point of considering having them put to sleep.
I agreed to take all four, with the idea that I would attempt to rehome some, if not all.

The previous owner told me Tuppence was the most nervous, and she spent her first night huddled in her igloo. She didn't enjoy being handled, and although she did calm down somewhat over time, she was never a very cuddly rat. However, because of her nervous nature and general speed and dislike of handling, I decided to keep her here with me and my girls as I didn't feel comfortable rehoming a rat that was anything other than relaxed in human company.

I was soon able to rehome two of the girls, who went to a lovely woman who had a lone rescue rat that needed company. They're both settled in well now and I couldn't have had a nicer rehoming experience as my first one!
The lady who adopted the does off me only wanted two, so I decided to keep whomever she didn't choose as a companion for Tuppence. That was Marjorie.

Tuppence was a lively, highly strung rat, and one of those does who prefer to be left to explore rather than be held. She developed a pituitary tumour later in life, and dropped a lot of weight. She had trouble using her front paws, and seemed as if she were in pain. She was euthanised when I decided she was no longer getting enjoyment from life.

Why Tuppence? None of the girls really had names when they came here, and Tuppence sounded like such a good name for a cheeky little doe. No other reason really.

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