Truman is a golden himilayan rex.

Truman was a baby I treated myself to after we had an unusually large amount of space here and I was feeling broody. Truman came from Lisa at Halcyon Stud.

Truman is a bit of a reclusive boy, he doesn't like to push himself forward and would much rather hang back and see what everyone else does first. He came along only a short while before Art, and as the two were both youngsters, they went in together.
They started out originally in Vanya's group, and lived here for a couple of weeks.
But, while there was no fighting, and they all slept in a pile together, I just sensed that Truman especially wasn't completely happy in that group. He seemed a little intimidated by Vanya, even though he was not being harmed. I decided, just on a whim, to put both he and Art in with Dominic's group, as they are the most gentle and accepting rats, and see if it made any difference to Truman's personality.
It definitely seemed to, and he became more outgoing, more adventurous, and seemed overall much happier. While he is still a timid boy, and quite sensitive, he loves his friends and is definitely in with the right group now.

Why Truman? I really don't know. This name just came to me, and I liked it.

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