Travolta was a roan.

Travolta came to me when a member of the public emailed me asking if I could take him, as he was not getting on with their resident rats.
He had been purchased from a reptile exhibition by a guy, as a present for his girlfriend, but they'd found it too hard to get him to live with other rats, so thought he would be better off somewhere where this might be more likely.

Travolta was always a nervous boy, and although he came out of his shell a little once here and once settled with friends, he never became a cuddly rat, or a rat that enjoyed much handling. This sort of behaviour is quite typical of rats from sources like reptile exhibitions, where they are bred more as feeders, or more accurately, breeders to make babies for snake food. He also had a tendency toward respiratory flare-ups, another common problem with badly bred rats from these kinds of sources.

It was respiratory failure that eventually caused his death.
Why Travolta? I named Travolta after the Mr Bungle song of the same name.

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