Thor is an agouti capped with a blaze.

Thor came to me with his cage mates when their owner felt he didn't have time for the four of them any more. He had young kids, and I got a vibe that they had lost interest.
There were 4 rats in total, Thor, Stan, and 2 other lads that ended up going to a friend of mine as companions for her rat.
Stanley and Thor remained here as they both had respiratory issues, and Stanley had a head tilt.

Thor started out as something of a bolshy, pushy rat. He was a little tricky to introduce to new group members, as he fancied himself the boss, and could be rather cruel in showing it. He was not the worst rat I've ever had for this sort of behaviour, not by a long shot. But all the same, he had to be closely supervised at first.
Now, however, he has become so used to meeting new rats, and having new friends put into the group, that he is entirely trust-worthy, and little to nothing remains of his previous attitude!

Why Thor? Jon named this boy, possibly because of the lightening bolt on his face.

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