The Comedian

The Comedian is a siamese.

The Comedian is one of 8 baby boys I took on from a member of the public who had been sold two rats by a pet shop which she thought were boys, and had popped in with her resident boy as friends.
They turned out to be female, and two litters were born. Originally, I said I could only take 4 of the babies, but when I arrived, all 8 were loaded into my carrier! In fact, I had no idea how many I had until I got into the car and counted them up.
The owner had told me there were originally 9 babies, but one had 'gone missing' during a free range, and was presumed to be roaming the house somewhere, but to the best of my knowledge, he was never found :(

So, as well as The Comedian, I took Captain Morgan, Wiggles, Captain Metropolis, Trilby, Nikita, Wisher and Pagliacci.

As a baby, The Comedian was the class clown.
The previous owner actually warned me about him, pointing him out as being the 'boss' of the group, and a livewire.
For the first 24 hours, I didn't understand where she'd gotten this idea, as he didn't seem to stand out as particularly bouncy or pushy.
Then, when he began to feel more settled, his real character emerged.

He became not only the boss of the group, but a trouble maker, and even a bit of a bully. As he came into his teen months, he began to inflict small wounds on some of his siblings. These were always minor, but The Comedian was showing signs of potentially being trouble later on. He would chase certain other rats, herd them and keep them in the igloo and was often seen instigating a fight. Though no-one got hurt, it wasn't ideal behaviour, and only seemed to get worse, so I booked The Comedian in for a castrate for a week's time.
In that time, his behaviour seemed to settle down somewhat. He was still occasionally scuffling with certain others in the group, but would also sleep in a pile with everyone else, and no-one seemed overly concerned by his behaviour. So I cancelled his operation, as I do not believe in castrating rats unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Comedian seemed to settle down well after this, and we had a couple of weeks of peace, until one day I went out to the shed to find him with several nips and bites across his whole back. On their own, they were small and probably not a big concern, but there were so many of them. Obviously, someone in the group had had enough of The Comedian and put him in his place in a rather unecessarily severe way.
I decided to take The Comedian out of the group for a few days, just to allow him time to heal and regain his strength. When he looked brighter, I attempted to re-introduce him back to his group. When I ran them all together, they all seemed over-joyed to have him back, and began licking and grooming him excitedly. The Comedian also seemed to have missed his friends, and they had a nice free range together without any issues. So, I opted to put The Comedian back in with his friends.

This turned out to be a mistake.
While they all seemed fine for the first day or so, we then came out to find The Comedian looking terrified, with a huge wound across the back of his shoulders. He was also covered in smaller nips and bites all down his back, and one of his eyes had been injured.

I had no choice but to remove him from his siblings, and house him alone while he recovered. His wounds were washed and cleaned, and I put him onto pain relief, but for a while I wasn't sure whether he would be able to heal from such a wound. Around two weeks later, almost all his wounds had healed, even the huge one across his back, and he was raring to go again. His injured eye shrunk, but healed well, so he now has one eye smaller than the other, and I don't know how much vision he has left in it, but it does not bother him.

Realising that he could not live with his siblings any more, I decided to see if he would take better to a completely different group. After all, it no longer seemed to be The Comedian who was causing fights; it seemed to be him who was the victim! So I assumed he just needed to go into a group with nicer, more gentle rats. After trying him with a couple of different groups over a period of time, it became apparent that he was not going to gel with any of them. His aggression had returned, and he was now the one picking fights again. I opted to have him castrated, as I decided it was his only real option if he was to ever live in a group again.
He sailed through the op, and after some weeks to allow the hormones to calm down, I began wondering who to introduce him to. For some reason, I decided to try introducing him back into his original group, with his brothers. Perhaps my thought process was that this was the group he knew best of all, and the only one he'd ever lived in harmoniously for any length of time, so if he was going to get in with anyone, it would probably be them.
To be honest, I don't think I actually expected it to work, but thankfully, it did. His brothers were happy to accept him back after his hiatus from the group. In fact, some of them were so excited to see him, they were bouncing around him like kittens again!

The Comedian has remained in that group ever since, and is a much nicer, calmer rat who doesn't cause any issues, and no-one bothers him either.

Why The Comedian? I was going for a Watchmen theme with some of these babies, and if any rat in this group matched The Comedian's temperament, it was this boy!

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