Tarantino was an agouti berkshire.

Tarantino and his brother/friend Dominic came to me after a call from a member of the public. His job was taking up more of his time, and he found himself unable to give the rats the attention they needed.
He was clearly very fond of them, and they were both in fabulous condition, which was a very nice thing to see!

Tarantino was more skittish and nervous than his brother, Dominic. He liked to hold back and let Dominic do all the investigating, and would follow only when he was sure it was safe.

Tarantino reached a good age, and had an uneventful and healthy life. He did develop a lump in his later months, which I opted not to remove due to his frail condition by this point. He passed away shortly after. I am unsure of the exact cause of death, so simply term it 'old age'.

Why Tarantino? After Quentin Tarantino

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