Tallulah was either a hairless, or double rex. It was hard to know. She had a good covering of hair as a youngster, but was almost totally bald when grown.

Tallulah was an interesting case in that she was a rescue that, in the end, didn't really need rescuing!

She'd been advertised as needing a new home, but was advertised as a boy. The owner had bought two females, but had been told by a pet shop that Tallulah was definately a male.
Understandably, she'd begun to look for a new home for her as she could not keep a male with her other female. I offered to take her on, believing she was male. She was located in London, as is my best friend, so I had her pick the rat up and foster her, and she would bring the rat back with her 3 days later when she returned to Norfolk.
I had a few pics sent to me over the phone, and my friend sent me updates on the rat and how she was, and happened to mention in passing in a text something about nipples.
I phoned her straight away and asked her to double check if the rat had nipples. She said it did.
In 99% of cases, this means a female rat!
Male rats do not have nipples.
The only possibly time that nipples may not equal female is if the rat is a hermaphrodite/intersexed with features of both sexes. These rats crop up very rarely.
In almost all cases, nipples would indicate a female.

My friend sent me pictures, and while they were grainy and hard to see, I became almost certain this was a female.
I phoned back the owner to tell her that the rat was female after all, so she had no reason to get rid of her. The owner was gutted, as she'd adored the rat and it had been hard for her to rehome her, and now she'd had to be told she'd had no reason to!
Unfortunately, she'd gone to Scotland the day after dropping the rat with my friend, so it was not a case of just passing her back.
She wasn't due back from Scotland for a few days, and my friend was due back in Norfolk the next day! So there was no option but for Tallulah to come here.

Tallulah was a gorgeous little rat. She was playful and bright and very affectionate. She loved licking and hand wrestling and playing. As she got older, she became alpha girl, and was always a bit of a problem when it came to putting new girls into the group. She was quite a stroppy madam! But after time she would accept pretty much anyone, as long as they knew she was in charge! But this was all part of her charm, she had so much character and drive.

Tallulah died suddenly, and unexpectedly, after not having seemed to be unwell. I simply found her dead one morning, she wasn't even 2. Hairless rats here in the UK are generally a sorry bunch, health wise, and a lot of them do not make old age.

Why Tallulah? My mum named her, after the character from Bugsy Malone.

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