I jumped in the river, what did I see?
Black-eyed angels swam with me
A moon full of stars and astral cars
All the things I used to see

Syd was bought from a large garden center in Norwich.
I was surprised to see black rats in the shop since its rare in the UK to find anything but albino or hooded in a pet shop. He was the prettiest dark slate grey with little black paws and pink fingers, like he was wearing fingerless gloves. Syd was quite an independent rat and looking back, would have been much happier with companions, but I was sorely lacking in rat knowledge back then. I'm never entirely sure what colour Syd was supposed to be. He was black at some angles, brown at others and had grey flecks in his coat. Most likely he was just a 'bad' black self.

Syd died very suddenly and unexpectedly and to this day no one can really explain why. I woke in the morning to see him running about happily. I came back from college that night to see him laying unable to move. When picked up he hung limply in my arms. He would attempt to wash himself but seemed to have been paralysed. I had only a short while before I had to be at work so I put him back into his cage and hoped he would be better by the time I got home. Looking back, I should have forgotten about work and taken him straight to the vet, but as I said, I knew little about rats at that point due to no internet access. He died while I was at work. A short while previously he had had ivermec injections for mites and his symptoms are consistant with Ivermec poisoning. Although I don't want to definately say it was Ivermec, theres a small chance it could have been heat stroke since it was a hot day but I'll probably never know.

Why Syd? Since Floyd had been named after Pink Floyd, I named Syd after founding Floyd member, Syd Barrett.
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