SwatCar was a black hoody dumbo.

SwatCar was another victim of a child getting bored of him. He had lost his cage mate, and as the child for whom he was originally bought for had lost interest, the mother didn't want to get another rat as company. So she called me to take SwatCar instead.

SwatCar was quite a timid boy, but gentle. He slotted in well with any and all rats, and just seemed to love cuddling with them and being friends.

I found SwatCar dead in his cage one day, unexpectedly. I could see nothing wrong with him other than a couple of seemingly superficial bites from the rat he lived with that had turned into a bit of a bully lately. At the time, I didn't realise that his was the first in a string of deaths related to, we now believe, Vanya. Please see his page for details.

Why SwatCar? Any child of the 80s will probably remember the film 'all dogs go to heaven', and the racing rats at the beginning, one of which, we find out, is called SwatCar. I thought it was a unique and rather awesome name for a rat.

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