Subway is an agouti.

Subway is one of four babies who came to me as their owner could no longer care for them due to health problems. They were all around 7 weeks at the time.
I was not originally expecting four rats to turn up, and so thought I would need to rehome one pair, but they were such genuinely lovely rats that Jon and I decided to keep all four here. They were all incredibly docile and affectionate, and gave me lots of licks on the way home!

Subway had a respiratory problem when he arrived, which is unusual in a rat so young. He was extremely crackly, to the point where you could hear him from the other bedroom! But he was otherwise perfectly fine, and was as active and happy as the others.
I gave him a week or so to see if it would settle on its own in case it was due to the stress of moving home, but it showed no signs of going. I booked him into the vet who gave him a course of antibiotics. Baby rats are not as straight-forward to medicate as adults as they cannot have Baytril, the standard go-to med for respiratory problems in rats. Subway had two different medications before his crackling disappeared. By this point, the other babies who came with him were now sneezing excessively so they were all treated too. These four were strictly quarantined from my other rats for over two weeks.
However, despite Subway's symptoms disappearing for a while, they returned once more, though not nearly as bad. Then they seemed to disappear again completely shortly after.

Subway now has long periods of no respiratory symptoms, then days where he randomly shows them. He definately shows them more when he is stressed or excited.
I am not currently treating him, as his symptoms are not bad currently and I don't want him to be on medications so often at such a young age. Its likely he will have this problem off and on for his entire life.

Subway is, like all the babies from this group, a lovely, out-going, docile little rat.

Why Subway? I've always liked the stories about giant rats on the New York subway, so decided my next agouti would be named that.

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