Stylo was a Pink eyed white dumbo.

Stylo was one of 8 male rats I took in from a member of the public who could no longer keep them as he was moving to accomodation that would not accept them.
Of these 8, I kept 3: Otis, Lord Flashheart, and Stylo. The other 5 went to Sidney's Safe House rat rescue, run by a friend of mine.

Taking in 3 PEW dumbo boys at once can sometimes be a bit confusing: until you get familiar with them, they can be hard to tell apart! Stylo, however, made this a little easier for me by being the 'one with only one eye'.
The previous owner claimed he was born like this, which is certainly possible.

Unfortunately, we did not have Stylo for as long as I'd have liked. Despite showing no obvious signs of ill health, I found him dead one day and after feeling him over for a clue to the cause, found a hard mass deep in his abdomen.
There had never been any signs that he was unwell, and he had not developed a pot belly or any signs of there being anything wrong. Sadly, these masses seem, in my experience, to be becoming more common. I've had more rats with these kind of internal lumps come in in the last year than ever before.

Why Stylo? After the Gorillaz song of the same name.

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