Strudel was an agouti hooded

Strudel was Freddie's brother. See his page for their story.

Out of Freddie and Strudel, Strudel was clearly the omega. He was an extremely reserved little rat, and never caused any trouble. Even in intros, he slotted right into the group without any trouble at all, while his brother caused havoc! Like Freddie, Strudel had ongoing respiratory issues from the day I got him, and it was this which caused him to have to be euthanised. I don't feel I had him with me for nearly long enough, but I had known from the start that this would be the case. I feel his true personality never really got a chance to blossom. He was euthanised on the same day as Fry.

Why Strudel? Another in my recent list of foodie names!

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