Stanley was a mink berkshire.

Stanley came to me with his cage mates when their owner felt he didn't have time for the four of them any more. He had young kids, and I got a vibe that they had lost interest.
There were 4 rats in total, Stanley, Thor, and 2 other lads that ended up going to a friend of mine as companions for her rat.
Stanley and Thor remained here as they both had respiratory issues, and Stanley had a head tilt.

Stanley was a truely wonderful rat. He was so sweet, so forgiving, so trusting. He loved to lick anyone that would give him some fuss, he adored all other rats and tried to groom them as soon as he met them, and everyone seemed to love him.
It was likely Stan was quite elderly when he came here, and unfortunately we only had him for a few months. He suffered from a pituitary tumour later on, which ultimately caused his death. For a while, he did pick up miraculously and I thought perhaps he might recover and that I was wrong on it being a pituitary tumour (which rats don't recover from). But his recovery was short lived, and he passed away a day later.

Why Stanley? It was just one of those names I'd always had on the shelf for a rat, and was just waiting for the right rat to use it on. It seemed to suit this boy because of his simple, sweet, gentle nature.

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