Siren was a black berkshire

Siren arrived with Cynthia. See her page for their story.

Siren appeared to be the healthiest of the three dumped rats, though that isn't saying much! But she appeared to have no signs of respiratory problems, and her skin wasn't as badly affected by the mites. She was the one I thought might be able to go on to lead a normal life. However, in the end, this wasn't to be.

Siren managed to have a good few weeks with me, and was a lovely, gentle little girl. She was very happy to be handled, and wouldn't hurt a fly. But sadly, only a short while after having her, she developed signs of a pituitary tumour. In fact, you can see signs of it even in her picture on this page. She began to have problems with her co-ordination and mobility. She was taken to the vet and put onto steroids but these seemed to do no good, and after a few days, she was unable to feed herself or move around. I made the decision then to have her euthanised. She was put to sleep only a day before her sister/friend, Cynthia passed away too.

Why Siren? I named her after the Bat for Lashes song, 'Siren song'.

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