Sinatra was a blue berkshire dumbo.

Sinatra came with Harlem and Houdini
They came as a group of three from the pets@home adoption center. I was told their old owner had to move abroad and couldn't take them with him. I later found out these rats actually originally belonged to a work colleague of mine!

Sinatra was the most anxious of the three. He clearly wanted to involve himself in more things, but you could see on his face that he was very unsure of it all.
He tended to squeal when picked up, and was never a great fan of being handled. But Sinatra was one of the rats most affected by the abscess break out (see Mortemain's page for details) which meant he had to be subjected to a little bit of prodding and poking not long after he arrived.

Sinatra recieved a wound on his lower lip, probably a nip from a cage mate, which left him with a bit of a noticable chunk taken from it (though his pic here was taken prior to this!) It made him look permanently surprised. Coupled with the fact that he had some of the biggest eyes I've ever seen on a buck, his overall appearance was one of constant alarm. However, Im confident he wasn't as shocked as he looked to be!

Sinatra lived to a good age, and he died of old age at home.

Why Sinatra? Its has always seemed a suitable rat name, what with the Rat Pack and all. I was just waiting for the right one to use it on.

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