Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper was an agouti/black hooded rex.

Sgt. Pepper came with Rocket Man and Angel
See Rocket's page for their story.

Sgt. Pepper was the most inquisitive of the three. He was always the first to come out and check out new things. He had re-occuring respiratory issues and was on baytril on several occasions, but was otherwise fit and well.

Sgt. Pepper unfortunately developed a mass on his liver, which was inoperable. One day, he suddenly developed jaundice, despite still seeming quite happy, and I made the decision to have him put to sleep. It was sad, as I would really have liked to have him longer. I feel after the horrors of his previous life, he didn't get the time he deserved living a good one.

Why Sgt. Pepper? I named him after the Beatles album.

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