Russell is a black hoodie dumbo.

I adopted Russell from the Pets at Home adoption centre. Like Valjean, he was being kept alone, and looked very depressed and worried. At the time, Valjean was living with Javert, and while they got on great, Valjean really needed a rat friend of the same age to interact with, as Javert did little more than sleep and eat!
I adopted Russell, and the two hit it off. Javert also accepted Russell happily.

Russell has really come out of himself since being here. Far from the timid and uneasy rat he was, he has become totally bomb proof, a real live wire, adores play, and loves a good cuddle on a lap. He can be a bit over the top in his play sometimes, leaping on heads and being a bit too pushy for the likes of Javert and Valjean. But we recently added another youngster to the group, Dali, who is just as up for some rough and tumble, so the two of them spend all night racing around the cage and wrestling.

Russell is really what I'd term the ideal rat, given his age! I think he'll turn into a very steady, cuddly boy when he's older. He is also the first rat I am going to make a serious go of clicker training.
He is bright, and confident, which are two things that are needed. We are currently working on 'charging the clicker' and getting him to associate the sound with food. He seems to be coming on nicely.

Why Russell? I named him after Russell Crowe.

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