Roux was a himilayan.

Roux was one of three does brought to me by an RSPCA inspector after being found dumped in a car park.
The RSPCA called me ask me if I could take 3 more rats. I agreed to, and was told that had I not done so, they likely would have been euthanised, but they didn't want to tell me this in case I felt pressured into taking them!

Roux and her cage mates arrived in a battered critter 2 cage, all three of them hanging off the bars like monkeys, and all of them totally unused to being handled. These weren't just rats who had only been picked up once a week or so, these were rats who acted like they'd never been picked up. They weren't scared of people, as they would happily come to the bars and didn't run and hide when you approached, but they just hated being picked up. Roux was the worst.

I intended to only foster these girls, and I put them up on the rehoming forum, hoping to rehome them as a threesome, or rehome two of them and keep the other one here.
After 2 weeks, however, no-one had expressed any interest in them.
This is partly due to the location, and partly due to the fact that they needed work

So after a fortnight, I made the decision that they were staying here.
Roux, like all the girls, was a young, feisty doe who loved to get out of her cage and explore. I was slightly concerned that she may have been pregnant when she arrived, as she had a little round belly. Fortunately, that wasn't the case; she was just a little podgy!
Roux developed a lump on her groin which the vet thought was a cyst. It was in an area that made it inoperable, so we treated it with antibiotics. Unfortunately, it opened up one day and although it looked horrible, it didn't seem to bother Roux. I kept it clean with Dermisol solution, and this bought her some good quality time. However, it then opened up in another place, close to the original, and Roux began to become aneamic and lethargic, so I made the decision to have her put to sleep.
All the rats from this rescue died far too young, which only shows how badly we need good, reputable breeders in the rat fancy, otherwise this sort of thing would the norm.

Why Roux? Just another foodie name that I always thought would suit a silly little doe!

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