Rorschach was a variegated.

Rorschach came to me with Tommy.
See his page for their story.

Rorschach was always Tommy's protector. He clearly knew his companion had disabilities, and he would never leave his side. He would guide him around the bed, and even, in his early days before he got to know us, would sometimes try to use his teeth to push our hands away from Tommy if we wanted to stroke him.

This did leave me with a bit of a situation, though. These two rats were so bonded that I worried what would happen when one passed on, leaving the other behind. I had to get them both into a larger group, so if the worst should happen, the remaining rat would still have companions, which might help.
But while Rorschach would have mixed with ease, Tommy was a difficult rat to mix due to his special needs. He couldn't see or hear the other rats, only smell them, and it made intros very worrying for him.

For a while, Rorschach and Tommy lived with my 2 recently weaned baby boys, Data and Lore. They accepted these boys readily, as they were only tiny babies. As the babies grew up and became ready to go into a bigger group, they all went into the 'special needs' group, as it was called at the time, together.
Tommy and Rorschach lived happily in this group for the rest of their lives.

Rorschach began showing some shortness of breath as he got older, and the suspicion was that he had a heart defect. He died in his hammock, leaving Tommy behind, but at least Tommy now had lots of friends to help him through.
Tommy did obviously miss Rorschach for some time, but took comfort in his other friends, and I do believe that if he had not had other rats around him, he may not have had the will to carry on.

Why Rorschach? I am a fan of Watchmen, and a black and white splodgy rat just had to be called Rorschach.

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