Rocket Man

Rocket Man was a siamese/himilayan rex.

Rocket Man came with Sgt. Pepper and Angel
These boys were passed on to me by another rescuer who had taken them out of an horrendous situation.
The boys had been one of many animals kept by a hoarder, who had then had to go into care. She left behind a house teeming with animals, where no surface was clear of either cages or feces.
There were dead rats in cages, and dead birds in cages. The rats were running loose with dogs, cats, and over a dozen ferrets. How they survived at all is beyond me.

Over 20 rats were removed from the property, but of that 20, only 11 came out alive from the vets; the others were all too ill to be saved. They are all thought to be very elderly.
Of those that survived, they were riddled with mites, very thin, and needed vet care.

Rocket was the alpha of the three that came to me. But he was also the most cuddly with people. He and his friends lived out their retirement here in comfort, with as much food as they could eat. I never introduced them to the main group, as I felt they were too old and frail to withstand the stress of an intro. They lived as a group of three quite happily in my bedroom and were very contented, lazy boys!

Rocket Man was the longest surviving of the three old boys. But after Angel died, he was never quite the same. He began to slow down, seem less keen on things he once relished, and lost his 'spark'. Even though he had new friends to cuddle with, which he accepted well, it seemed he missed his old friend.
I still don't know what caused Rocket Man's death, I just know I found him cold and lethargic one night, and had to bring him indoors to be put onto a heat pad. Despite this, he didn't seem to warm up much, and died in my arms early the next day.

Why Rocket Man? I named him after my favourite Elton John song.

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