Rivière was a mink hoodie.

Rivière came to me with Anka and 2 other girls. See Anka's page for their story.

Rivière, like her sister Anka, was a fairly timid girl, though perhaps a little bolder than her sibling ever was. None of the rats from this rescue had been handled much prior to coming here, but while the two hairless girls came round easily, the two furred girls never really come out of their shells much. They were always perfectly happy with other rats, and fine to handle, but always seemed slightly cautious of humans. In her old age, Rivière became more relaxed and even seemed to almost enjoy a quick cuddle in the end.

Like her sister, she developed several mammary lumps in her later months, but was too old to risk removal as she also had some respiratory problems. I was planning to have her put to sleep when the lumps reached a certain size, but she died peacefully at home one night.

Why Rivière? After the Deftones song of the same name.

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