Reggie is a mismarked black Berkshire.

Reggie came to me with Bertie.
Reggie started life as a very timid little rat, and still is slightly scatty. However, he considers himself the alpha of the group, whether this is true or not. He is one of the few bucks in the group that I need to watch carefully when introducing new members, as he has been aggressive to other rats in the past. He isn't terrible, I've seen worse, but he does tend to dish out a little more authority than is actually necessary a lot of the time.
I believe his attitude to be caused by inner anxiety, as he is a bit of a worrier. He arrived in the group at the peak of Gordon's aggression, too, meaning he was subject to some bullying himself as a baby and perhaps now feels he needs to prevent anyone trying that again by getting in there first.

He is a good rat with people, and very tolerant, but is a bit more selective around his own kind. Reggie tends to be a bit of a loner. While he'll occasionally snuggle in with the group, he does usually sleep on his own, or with just one other rat. He is still very young, though, so it'll be interesting to see how his personality develops. I can see him being a proper lazy, chilled out rat when he's an old man.

Why Reggie? Reggie's proper name is Reginald, but he usually gets called Reggie. He was named after Reginald Jeeves, of the P.G Wodehouse 'Jeeves and Wooster' series.

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