Queenie was a black hooded.

Queenie came to me along with her sister, Karni

See her page for their story.

This is a photo of Queenie a few hours after I picked her up, showing her lump. Its pretty difficult to miss!:

Queenie was the first of the two girls that I put in for an operation as her lump was the largest, and seemed to be growing the fastest. Queenie took a long time to recover from her op and for a while I was worried we might even lose her. Her first night following her op she still wouldn't eat or drink, and didn't seem to be able to walk properly. I've had rats have surgery before but never any who took so long to recover. At one point, Queenie became very cold and I suspect she may even have gone into shock. I put her on a hot water bottle and tried to syringe feed her fluids. Eventually, she took some water and that seemed to kick start everything off and she finally began eating on her own.
Wtihin a few days, she was back to her old self and back in with her friends. The site of her incision began to swell up a few days later, and I was worried it could have been an abscess but the vet confirmed it as simply a blood blister which would disperse on its own with time.

Queenie was a feisty, bossy little rat, but unfortunately she had only a short period of good life before she began having problems breathing. She was put on several different courses of antibiotics, but nothing seemed to work. My vet suspected it was the cancer having spread to her lungs, which is always a possibility with rats that have had tumours in the past, and something I was prepared for. She continued to worsen, and I had to have her euthanised. Its a shame that she had such a short time with me. I feel her life had really just begun when she arrived here, and it was cut short too soon.

Why Queenie? Queenie's full name was 'Miss Rainbow Delish Queen Bee'. And I honestly don't know why I named her that.

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