Q is an agouti self.

Q came to me with Picard. See his page for their story.

Q has always been a very flighty boy, and he isn't a rat who particularly enjoys being handled. He is very good with all other rats, though, and gets on with everyone fine.
One of the most noticable things about Q, as with Picard, is his size. He is extremely small, looking around the size of a 12 week old. I suspected for a period that he may be a dwarf, and Im still not sure he isn't.
But it is not uncommon for rats that have had very poor starts in life, like those often used for snake food, to be small adults and to never quite make up the size. Though Picard and Q are the most extreme examples of this that I've yet to see.

Why Q? Part of our Star Trek the Next Generation theme!

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