Polly was a roan.

Polly came to me with Cissie and Ada

Unfortunately, I had Polly for such a short time that I didn't get the chance to even photograph her.

Polly came to me as an unwanted pet. Her owner had, apparently, obtained a new kitten and was letting it and the rats interact. One of the rats bit the kitten, and the owner decided she wanted them gone. Just a reminder to everyone: interspecies interaction between small prey animals like rats and predators like dogs and cats is always irresponsible and dangerous.
Polly had slight respiratory problems when she arrived, and was quite old. She also had the beginnings of a mammary lump. Although her previous owner said she had treated her for respiratory issues in the past, Polly began to go severely downhill over a very short space of time.

A vet visit confirmed her lungs were very bad, possibly scarred from previous infections but most likely she had tumour growth in her lungs. The vet did not reccomend attempting treatment due to Polly's age and other medical issues, but mostly because of how unwell she was and how slim a chance she had of recovery. She was euthanised.

Why Polly? This was her name when I got her.

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