Papa Lazarou

Papa Lazarou is a black hoody.

Papa Lazarou was a rat I adopted from the adoption centre in Pets at Home.
He was only small, but was being housed, and adopted out, alone. I had some space at the time, and needed a youngster at the time, so I adopted him.

Laz is a flighty, somewhat timid rat. He isn't crazy about being handled, and will squirm and wriggle. He's also a master escape artist and has to be watched closely whenever the cage door is open! He is still just a youngster, and he thrives in rat company. He is very much not the sort of rat who would have coped alone.

Why Papa Lazarou? The name came from the UK comedy show 'The League of Gentlemen'. He was a demonic circus master character with black and white face paint. I'd been telling myself for ages that my next black and white rat would have this name!

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