Otis is a Pink eyed white dumbo.

Otis is one of 8 male rats I took in from a member of the public who could no longer keep them as he was moving to accomodation that would not accept them.
Of these 8, I kept 3: Otis, Lord Flashheart, and Stylo. The other 5 went to Sidney's Safe House rat rescue, run by a friend of mine.

Otis was brother to Stylo and Lord Flashheart, and all 3 were lovely, docile boys. Otis stood out to me at first because he was very licky and cuddly. However, this seemed to have been due to insecurity in his first week, as his true colours soon emerged! He was placed into an existing group along with his two brothers, which all seemed to do well in for a week or so, until one night a big fight broke out. Otis, Flashheart and Stylo all ended up with injured tails, and we discovered we had one lad in that group that was doing the tail injuring! He'd never done it before, and he hasn't done it since, but for some reason he took his job as alpha of the group a bit too far with these three.

Both Otis and Lord Flashheart had their tails injured beyond repair, so both now have half a tail. This does not impede them in anyway, but it became clear that they could not remain that group. I took them out as a threesome and kept them together until I could figure out a different group for them. In that time, the three turned on one another, and eventually we realised it was Lord Flashheart that was the main instigator.
We removed him to, temporarily, live alone until we could figure out who to put with who.

Eventually, Otis ended up slotting into one group fine, while Lord Flashheart settled in another, and Stylo in another! None have caused any issues since, but all are clearly dominant rats. This explains why they could not all live together, it was just too much having 3 personalities like this in the same cage! Once moved into different groups where they could all be the boss, or at least high up there, unchallenged, seems to have resulted in peace.

Why Otis? My mum named Otis.

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