? - 16.07.06

Olly was an agouti hooded

Olly and his friend Jerry came to me as rescues. They'd both been owned by two young boys who were no longer able to give them the time or interest they needed. Though no-one is sure exactly how old they both were, they were estimated to be about 2.
Olly was such a character, and reminded me very much of Jack. He was extremely fond of people, anyone and everyone, and would sometimes just sit with people seemingly just out of a love of being with them. During intos to my other two boys, he was completely non aggressive but did feel the need to protect Jerry and would put himself in front of him if any scuffles arose. Hes was very easy going, very accepting and was pretty much the perfect friend. He was extremely good with baby rats and got along with anyone. I felt confident I could introduce him to rats of any age without problems.

Olly was one of two rats I lost during the breakout of an infection/virus in the UK in July of 2006. No-one knew what it was, or where it had come from, but many people lost their rats to it. I still don't know how I got it in my colony but it killed both Juju and Olly. Olly was an amazing rat. He got very ill on a thursday night and we all felt sure he wouldn't last til morning. But he did. He perked up now and then, and no-one was ever sure whether he'd recover or not, the infection being so unknown at the time. He survived until Sunday when he died. The infection killed Juju within 24 hours, so we all thought Olly would begin to get better after those first 24 hours.
He was a truely lovely rat, Im just said I only had him such a short time.

Why Olly? Olly was named after the little boy he used to belong to.

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