? - 19.03.07

Nora was an ivory.

I adopted Nora from a friend as company for Molly
Nora has been a mum in the past and seemed to accept Molly's quirks with good humour. Nora soon had other girls to join the cage, and and became alpha.
Nora was always quite shy and suspicious, but did get more cuddly in her later months. She loved spending time in her nest, and could be quite protective over it. It was never a good idea to put your hand into her nest while she was in there.

One day, I noticed a lump appear in her groin area. I left it a while assuming it was an abscess, and it certainly didn't seem to bother her, but it soon became apparent it wasn't getting better. I took her to the vet who put a needle into it and diagnosed it as mastitis. Nora was put onto antibiotics, which she hated taking, but began to lose weight. The lump also didn't seem to improve any. Shortly before finishing her two week course of antibiotics, I took her back to the vet. By this time, Nora had lost more weight, and it was noticable as she'd always been a plump rat in the past. She was also breathing harder than usual. The vet said it could be a mammary tumour after all which had spread to her lungs. She said there was nothing that could be done for her. I took her home, intending to think on what was best for her, but ended up taking her back to the vet that afternoon to be put to sleep. Her breathing had deteriorated and she was very lethargic and unwell.

Losing Nora was a shock, as you never think of something like a lump being life threatening. I assumed at worst it would be a mammary tumour that could be removed. I never expected it to be so serious.

Why Nora? This was her name when I got her. I believe her full name was Valhalla Norse Greyling, hence 'Nora'.

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