Murray was a mismarked capped dumbo.

Murray and his brother Hubert belonged to my best friend, Roach. I actually gave them to her after adopting them from the Pets@Home adoption center, where they were minutes away from being let out to a couple of teenagers who wanted to keep them in a hamster cage and had been talking beside me about how 'it'd be cool to get a rat!'
In the long run, they'd likely have ended up with me in a few months when they got bored of them anyway, so I just cut out the middle man!

Roach loved them dearly, but had to move back in with her parents, who would not allow the rats. So, the best option was for them to come back to me, where she could still see them.

Murray was the cheekiest and most outgoing of the two, being positively naughty at times. He was a very playful rat, given his age, and acted like a baby much of the time.
I thought he would prove tricky to get into the group, given his boisterous nature and lack of discipline with other rats (he was constantly bugging his brother, Hubert), but in actuality, he proved to be a real wimp at heart and was terrified of the others!
Both rats took a couple of weeks to get into the group, as both were very intimidated by so many other rats, but they soon happily settled.

Murray was one of those rats who died suddenly, without any prior illness, and I do not know what caused it.
I simply came down one morning to find him dead at the bottom of his cage, without a mark on him. He looked like he'd just lay down and passed away, and I cannot even begin to guess why. I'd seen him the night before and he was his usual perky self with absolutely no signs of anything being wrong.
This does happen from time to time with apparently young, healthy rats. I've had it occur a couple of times now, as have other rat owner's I've known. Its always a shock, and its somewhat frustrating to not know what went wrong, but its one of those things you cannot do anything about. Murray was young and seemed the picture of health, and his death was very unexpected.

Why Murray? Apparently, after Murray Walker!

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