Mr. Flibble

Mr. Flibble was a roan.

Mr. Flibble and his friend, Vanya, came from the Pets At Home adoption centre. My husband Jon alerted me to them while I was at work one day and sent me a photo asking if I wanted to take them on, and of course I couldn't say no!

Both boys were quite timid to begin with, which isn't unusual for Pets At Home rats, but Mr. Flibble was always the more laid back of the two. He remained a slightly flighty boy, but got on well with others and never caused any trouble.

Unfortunately, we suspect that he, like several others in the group, was killed by Vanya, even if only indirectly. You can read more details on Vanya's page, but the simple version was that he was bundled by Vanya, and recieved a small, innocuous looking wound to the belly. But it soon became clear this wound wasn't as harmless as it appeared. Flibble quickly developed a large swelling there, and this appeared within minutes of the wound.
Flibble did not appear to be in pain, or at all concerned with the wound, so I hoped it was simply tissue swelling and that it would go down in a while. While it did not get any bigger, it didn't go away either. While the possibility of an abscess also crossed my mind, I think after 48 - 72 hours I was fairly sure that he actually had a hernia.

As he was so bright, happy, and didn't seem to even notice it, I was confident he would have a good chance of recovery if we opted to surgically repair it. So that was what happened.
Unfortunately, when the vet did open him up, he discovered he was already infected internally, and was basically a complete mess inside, beyond what they felt they could correct. Given the picture that was slowly emerging about the effects of Vanya's bites on other rats, was making sense. I had no option but to let him go on the table.

Why Mr. Flibble? A Red Dwarf reference.

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