Mr. Blonde

Mr. Blonde was either a Black eyed white, or a completely faded roan. I believe the former, due to his eyes.

Mr. Blonde came to me with Vegas and Latura. See Vegas's page for their story.

Mr. Blonde was a dominant rat throughout his life, and at one stage I was concerned he would have to be castrated. But he seemed to naturally settle into life in a group and his dominant, pushy behaviour lessened. He was always one of those rats who had to be first investigating a new comer, and still tended to throw a bit of a tantrum over things, but he was generally a big softy.

Despite his pushy behavour with other rats, Mr. Blonde was always a very affectionate, licky rat with humans.

Mr. Blonde began to lose usage of his hind legs in his old age, but, like many rats with this problem, he managed extremely well. He died peacefully at home.

Why Mr. Blonde? Mr. Blonde was named after Michael Madsen's character in the movie 'Reservoir Dogs'.

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