Moth was an agouti rex.

Moth was given to me by Lisa from Halcyon rats to keep my girl Tuppence company when her cage mate died. Although Tuppence still had Springer as company, so was never completely on her own, the two of them were never particularly close and Tuppence still spent all her time sleeping alone. I decided in the end that getting her a new girly friend was best.
Moth was a beautiful little rat, I called her my little wild rat. She made me laugh on a daily basis because she was so cheeky. She liked to nip fingers but never in an aggressive way, only ever in a naughty way. She was constantly on the look-out for what mischief she could get into next, or what impossible small hole she could try and squeeze herself into. She liked to think she was the boss but ultimately, it was Springer who called the shots, he was just too lazy to bother most of the time!
After Springer's death, Moth began acting oddly. She began escaping her cage, despite never having even attempted it in the past. To this day, Im not sure how she managed to get out, as she was never seen doing it. But I would go out to the rat shed and she would be out, usually napping on top of the boy's cage.

One day, I went out and couldn't find her. She wasn't in her cage, so I naturally assumed she was out again, but I couldn't find her. Although there was no way she could get out of the shed, there were lots of places she could hide. I soon found her, however, curled up in the box in the play area. She had apparently chosen to die here rather than in her cage.
She was an old girl, with respiratory problems, so her death was not completely unexpected. I just never figured out why she disliked being in her cage in her last weeks. I can only assume she was looking for Springer, as the two were close, and her odd behaviour started soon after her was removed from the group.

Why Moth? This is the name she came with. If I remember correctly, its because she was quite moth-eaten as a youngster.

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