Milly was a mink hooded.

Milly was one of four rats given to me by Easton college, an animal care and agricultural college, at the end of the year. See Lotte's page for their story.

Milly was the one girl from Easton who lived alone, though Im not entirely sure how long she was on her own for. Her cage was in a seperate room to the other girls I obtained from Easton, and all I really remember about her was that she virtually never emerged, and she liked to nip!
When I picked her and the other girls up, I put her into the carrier with the others, and was had absolutely no problems with her interaction with other rats. It was like she had been with them forever. I've always wondered why Easton didn't simply do that from the offset, as she was on her own for at least several months

As with all the Easton rats, I can't be sure exactly how old Milly is, but they are all aged. When she came here, she went from being a mystrious little biter, who I admittedly feared I may have issues with when I first learned I could take her on, into a wonderfully gentle little girl who is always the first at the bars to see you. She adores hammocks, and I don't believe she ever had one at Easton so it was lovely seeing her climb into her first one (which I bought in pink, and regrettably Grout has to put up with this colour choice) and lay there looking like the cat that got the cream.

Why Milly? Milly looks very much like my old girl, Molly whom I lost at the time when I was working to get the Easton rats to come here. I developed a special attachment to Milly because of her resemblance to Molly, so I suggested the name Milly as a joke. It suited her so it stuck.

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