Miles was a silver fawn mismarked capped.

Miles came to me when a member of the public phoned me and told me one of her rats had recently died. This meant she now had Miles left on his own, and he was clearly miserable as a result. His owner had a small child and did not wish to continue owning rats in the foreseeable future, so felt the best option was to rehome Miles to somewhere where he could live with other rats, rather than leave him alone for the rest of his life.
This is a very decent thing to do, and shows an owner who cares very much for their rat's welfare. Rats who have had cage mates can become very depressed when they're suddenly alone. Fortunately, Miles went in with my group very quickly, without any problems, and lived happily with lots of friends for the rest of his days.

Miles was a gentle, quiet little rat who never caused any trouble to anyone. He liked to hang out with the older, gentler boys and seemed to be well liked within the group.

Miles previous owner was the sort of person I wish all people sending rats to me could be! She was only concerned for his welfare, she brought him to me herself, she gave a donation, and she continued to donate periodically towards his care.

Miles died of old age, but he also had a mass on his side which seemed only to be a cyst so was unlikely to be related to his passing.

Why Miles? This was the name he came with. It seemed to suit him so I saw no reason to change it.

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