Midas was a golden Himilayan.

Midas was one of the few rats to live at Shadowrat over the years that was not a rescue. He was given to me by a breeder friend of mine, as I'd loved golden himis since I saw my first one.

Midas was always a gentle, quiet little rat. He was more a rat's rat than a people rat, though he didn't dislike people either. He simply preferred the company of his own kind, and fit well into the group. He caused no trouble and everyone seemed to like him.

As Midas aged, he began to develop a lump on his back. At first, it was small, very soft and fluidy, and I thought it was a cyst. As it did not seem to change or grow for some time, I left it alone. Then it suddenly increased in size several times in one week. I booked Midas in to have it surgically removed early the next week.
Midas died on the day of his operation. I went to get him ready the morning of his op, and found him laying out of his igloo, looking very lethargic. When I picked him up, he made no efforts to right himself or move much. I took him indoors and sat with him on a heat pad, with no idea what was wrong, and he passed away a few minutes later in my arms, very peacefully.
The only medical issue he had, that I was aware of, was this lump, which had not ever seemed to bother him, but perhaps it was more serious than just what could be seen on the outside.

Why Midas? Midas was a golden Himilayan, and in Greek mythology, Midas was a king who turned everything he touched into gold.

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