Memphis was a british blue.

Memphis came to me from the same person as Tallulah who could no longer keep her.

She apparently had issues with other girls, and had been living alone for a while as a result. When she arrived here, it became clear this was correct, and she failed to integrate with my girls.
The problem did not seem to be aggression on Memphis's part, but more her being so terrified of other rats that they saw the opportunity to bully her. Rats that have lived alone for a long time often lose the ability to communicate effectively with other rats, and become a little like a human kept in isolation from other humans for years. They don't tend to have great social skills, and often misunderstand what other rats are trying to communicate to them. This results in frustration from the other rats and makes them more likely to react aggressively.

So, to try and slowly transition Memphis into life with other rats, I had her live with castrated boy Mandylor. This was an attempt to get her to learn some rat social skills with a nice, gentle, soppy rat so that she could hopefully be better prepared to try going in with the girls again at a later date.

This seemed to work, and Memphis was soon living with the other girls, and Mandylor of course. With people, Memphis was always a wonderful girl. She was very affectionate, very trusting and, as you can see by her pic, loved to give licks!
She died of what my vet and I can only describe as pneumonia, but it came on out of the blue and very aggressively. She'd never had a hint of respiratory problems, then I found her one day literally gasping for air. When I took her to the vet, he told me her lungs were totally 'shot', and there was no option but to put her to sleep.

Why Memphis? Memphis is the name of one of my characters in my art, a blue female wolf. It seemed a good name for a blue doe.

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