Matilda was a mink hooded

Matilda was one of three young does brought to me by the RSPCA when they were found dumped in a car park. The other two were Roux and lollipop.

The RSPCA called me to ask if I could take 3 rats, and I said yes as I had some space at the time but intended to rehome them if possible. The inspector said she was glad I'd said yes as, although she hadn't wanted to tell me, the rats likely would have been put to sleep if I'd said no.

Matilda was the sweetest, most affectionate of the three girls. She came around to handling a lot quicker than the others and I think she had potential to be a bit of a lap rat if she had lived to the age she should have. Unfortunately, she had to be put to sleep before she was even a year old.

Matilda suffered from strokes. She had her first out of the blue one day, and was discovered on the floor of her cage, very weak and seemingly not able to move far. Fortunately, she bounced back from this very quickly and was soon back to her old self without any signs that anything had happened. Unfortunately, she had yet another stroke a few weeks later, this one more severe.
I took her to the vet, initially thinking she was going to have to be put to sleep there and then. But my vet wanted to try her on steroids, and he gave her a long lasting injection to see if it perked her up. It did, and she once again returned to her old self. I was given steroid pills for her, and she did very well on them for several weeks. Unfortunately, she once again had a stroke, despite the treatment, and did not improve. I made the decision to have her put to sleep as there was not anything that could be done to bring her back, and even if there had, I'd have thought long and hard about keeping her alive as she clearly had something seriously wrong with her, and it would never go away completely.

Matilda was a young girl, and its very sad that she died so young. Im happy I managed to buy her a few more good weeks on steroid treatment, and will always remember her running in her wheel only days after her treatment. She will be missed.

Why Matilda? Its always seemed a ratty name, to me.

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