Marjorie was a black hooded.

Marjorie was brought to me with Tuppence. See her page for their story.

Marjorie had a respiratory issue since the day I got her, which the previous owner had also gotten her treatment for, but nothing seemed to work. She was on two courses of different antibiotics in her time here, but nothing seemed to improve it. Although it never seemed to slow her down or stop her living a happy life, it was always a worry as I didn't know what caused it. Gradually, over time, it began to worsen and the vet said it was most likely she had tumor growth in her lungs. There came a point where she was clearly breathless a lot of the time and didn't have the energy to do the normal things she would do, like climbing and running about, so I had her euthanised.

I only had Marjorie for a small amount of time, but she was a lovely little girl. A typical active, bossy little doe, but oh so fond of her cuddles too. She got on with everyone and never caused any trouble.

Why Marjorie? Named after a character from an old 'a bit of Fry and Laurie' sketch.

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