Lulu was a silver fawn hooded.

Lulu was one of four rats given to me by Easton college, an animal care and agricultural college, at the end of the year. See Lotte's page for their story.

Lulu had a fairly bad respiratory infection when she came to me, and would have little sneezing fits and be rather snuffly at nights and early mornings. I got her onto baytril, and it cleared up, though she had occasional relapses.
Lulu, like all the Easton rats, was quite old when I got her. Im not exactly sure how old, but am guessing shes the other side of two. The person who gave her to me claimed she was 3, which would have made her almost 4 when she died!
Lulu was an absolutely beautiful little girl, and photos don't do her justice. She was also very, very small, and looked like a kitten compared to other does.
She was an obsessive gatherer and nester and tended to hoarde her food. This was most likely a behaviour she developed due to not being fed enough back at the college.

Lulu was euthanised due to a pituitary tumour which eventually made her unable to walk properly or eat easily. She was euthanised on the same day as Marjorie.
Lulu will be missed because she was such a feisty little girl. She really was a survivor. Despite being absolutely tiny, and quite old, she never stood still for a moment and never let anyone boss her about. It was sad to see her decline because of the brain tumor but even in her last few days she would hang over the food bowl and stuff her face. It just took her a long time :(

Why Lulu? My mum named her.

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