lorelai was an agouti hooded dumbo.

Lorelai came to me along with her friend/sister, Perez

Both girls were given up by their previous owners as they didn't have the time to handle them and give them the attention they needed.
Both girls were skittish and hard to handle when they arrived, but over time they calmed down a lot. Both remained quite shy rats, but did not bite and once they were lifted, they were quite happy to be held.

Lorelai was always rather disinterested in me or my attention. She would give me the run-around in the cage when I tried to handle her, and all in all, she just prefered the company of her own kind.

Lorelai developed a pituitary tumour in later life, and had to be put to sleep.

Why Lorelai? Lorelai was named after a character from TV show 'Gilmore Girls'.

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