Lore was a silver fawn capped.

Lore was one of Spectre and Broadway's babies, but never acted like either one of his parents. I sometimes used him as an example for people who wanted to breed their beloved rat to try and get one just like them; it doesn't always work that way!
Rats can produce babies that don't behave like either of their parents. They mght take after their grandparents, or great grandparents! Lore was an example of that.

Both his parents were outgoing, curious, bold, lively rats. And indeed, his brother and sister were also. Lore, in contrast, was always lazy, sedate, disinterested in exploring, and more interested in food!

The one thing Lore did inherit from his parents, though, was poor genes and a short life span. All the babies from this litter died young, Lore was only just a year old, and his brother Data died only a few weeks after Lore. Their sister Lyra lived slightly longer, but she, too, eventually succumbed to the heart problems that plagued this family. Dad, Broadway also died of heart issues, as did their uncle Subway.
This was an accidental, unplanned litter, from a father who was also from an unplanned litter at his previous home, and it really does show what can happen when rats are bred without proper care and attention to health. This family was, for the most part, a train wreck when it came to their health and lifespan. No rat should die at 12 moths of age; that should be their prime! I would only hope they might serve as a reminder to people not to breed rats on a whim, because this kind of thing can be what you create. I never planned, or desired, a litter of rats, it was an accident, but if nothing else, it showed just how vital good breeders are in working to breed only healthy animals, so this kind of thing can happen less.

Below is Lore a a baby:

Lore was always a huge rat, even from birth he was always the biggest, and was probably one of the largest rats I've ever had. And with his huge size came a very sedentary lifestyle, and he seemed to gain weight very easily. There may have been something going on with him medically from the start, even, though he was never actually ill until his final days. He was just always very slow, very placid, and somewhat 'detached' from life.

Why Lore? Continuing our Star Trek theme. Lore was Data's brother.

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